STOLEN (2015)

Solo electric guitar, clarinet/bass cl, percussion, piano, violin, double bass

Duration: 45 minutes

Premiere: 30 April 2016. Avaloch, NH

Program Notes:

Written for soloist Solomon Silber, Stolen is an extended work for solo guitar and chamber ensemble that takes its inspiration from Richard James Allen’s poem A Scheme for Brightness. The 45-minute work features seven ensemble movements, interspersed with a solo movement for each instrument in the ensemble. The form of the piece loosely mirrors the structure of the poem, opening with frenzied, chaotic material that eventually winds down into a more spacious and static landscape, occasionally interrupted by moments of reference to the opening material. Unifying the piece is a short high-register piano motif that is heard in a number of the movements. Representative of the closing lines of Allen’s poem, this motif contains the pitch material from which the entire piece is drawn.