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4 Horns, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 euphoniums, 2 tubas, 7 percussionists

Year composed:




Commissioned by:

QCGU Brass Ensemble & Ba Da Boom Percussion


17 August 2013. Brisbane, Australia

GlideQCGU Brass Ensemble & Ba Da Boom Percussion
00:00 / 11:59

Program Note:

During the pre-compositional phase of writing this piece, I spent time visiting the St John’s Cathedral, where the work was to premiere. Nestled in the centre of Brisbane city, I was struck by the contrast of the bustling, noisy street outside and the quiet, contemplative atmosphere inside. This was accentuated by the change in light, from the bright sunshine on the street, which graduated into darkness once inside the cathedral. This piece therefore explores moments of quiet contrasted with busyness, stillness contrasted with movement, and light contrasted with darkness. Many of the musical motifs in the piece were designed based on the proportions of the ‘Wheel Window’, which can be found in the North Transept of the cathedral.

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