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Flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello

Year composed:




Commissioned by:

Dallas Festival of Modern Music


5 November 2011. Dallas, TX

UntangledArs Nova Dallas
00:00 / 08:44

Program Note:

'Untangled' was inspired by the following lines of text, that form the description of a character’s dream in a story by Lorrie Moore:

“She thought of a dream she had had the night before. In the dream a door in the apartment opened up and suddenly there were more rooms, rooms she hadn’t known existed, a whole house beneath, which was hers. There were birds living inside, and everything was dark, but very beautiful, room after room, with windows open for the birds … She remembered some sort of movement – bunched and panicky, through stairwells, corridors, dark tunnels, hidden behind paintings –and then, in the dream, it untangled to a fluttering stasis”.

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